Our Research Topics

On the following pages, we present our main research topics. The first section lays out the main goals of the POLISES project; the second one presents the conceptual approach that our studies rely on. We then briefly discuss the key areas of risk management we are interested in, explain our focus on livestock, and present the case studies, namely Morocco and Kenya/Ethiopia. Finally, we give you a first impression on past and planned future activities related to educational games.


We explore the impacts of selected global food security policies on the resilience of smallholding farmers in Africa; we aim to identify crucial aspects for an appropriate design of these policy instruments; and we want to promote knowledge transfer and social learning.


Policy Instruments

POLISES considers food security policies, decided at the international level, which support and shape locally installed policy instruments. Our research will focus on the resulting dynamics at the local level.


Coping with Risk

Land use by smallholders in drylands is to a large extent driven by high climate risk. Traditional and new ways exist to cope with this type of risk. Traditional strategies include, for instance, pastoral mobility or the use of social networks to deal with droughts. New opportunities to manage risk...


Case Studies

The research in POLISES focuses on two case studies: the pastoralist areas of the Eastern High Plateau in Morocco, and the region of Borana pastoralists in southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya.


Educational Games

We plan to develop, with partners, a prototype of an educational web-based game on food security. It is targeted at secondary school students...