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Session on Human Decision Making in ABMs at iEMSs 2016

by Gunnar Dreßler

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We are organizing a session on “The Importance of Human Decision Making in Agent-Based Models of Natural Resource Use” (D6) at this year’s Environmental Modelling & Software conference iEMSs 2016, for which we invite abstracts. The conference takes place in Toulouse, France from July 10-14.

In this session we seek to stimulate discussion around the topics of how human decisions can be represented in ABMs, with an explicit focus on the integration of behavioral theories and empirical data, the validation of decision making rules and the upscaling from human decisions at the local scale to regional and higher scales.

We invite presentations that:

  • Present ABMs that explicitly address human decision making in the context of natural resource use.
  • Propose new approaches or concepts on how human decisions can be adequately represented in models.
  • Present reviews about this topic.

We are also organizing an associated workshop on “The Challenges of Implementing Human Decision Making in Agent-Based Models of Natural Resource Use” (D2) which will address the challenges of a) selecting and specifying the elements of the decision process and b) implementing these decision models adequately and efficiently. The discussion will focus on which standard models for decision making exist and how these can be expanded along dimensions of as interaction and learning, social norms, habitual behavior or collective decision making, as well as the possibility of developing prototype decision making models.

The abstract submission deadline is March 31st 2016, and the submission page can be found here:


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