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Nomads and Climate Change

by David

The New Internationalist blog, in a recent article, investigates the implications of climate change for the livelihoods of today's nomads. While the history of nomadic people was often characterised by conflict and antagonism with urban societies, the author argues, their future will be endangered by different forces.

"Ironically, the moment in history when states more or less tolerate nomadism could also be the very moment when the environmental basis for the phenomenon could be undermined. Climate change is expected to undermine fodder and drinking-water availability for the animals that nomads rely upon..."

Tom Hart, who wrote the blog post, also spoke to our project head Birgit, and relies on her expertise to explain some of our ongoing modelling work in the POLISES project. His text also mentions our NomadSed game and the insurance schemes that are currently being tested by ILRI in Kenya.

You can read the full article here.

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