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Social-ecological modelling at the American West Coast

by Birgit Müller

In the second half of April I had the chance to attend three interesting events in California and Oregon.  First I took part in the Agent-based Modelling Symposium ABM 2017...

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Land Rush game

Board Games on Land Use and Sustainability

by David

For two and a half months, I (Andi) have now been part of the POLISES group and my time here is drawing to a close. Through my admission to the team, my daily work, and my participation at the retreat this year, I was able to...

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Nomads and Climate Change

by David

The New Internationalist blog, in a recent article, investigates the implications of climate change for the livelihoods of today's nomads. While the history of nomadic people was often characterised by conflict...

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Playing NomadSed in the field (almost)

by Gunnar Dreßler

During our research trip to Nairobi, Birgit, Felix, and Gunnar had had the opportunity to present our educational game NomadSed to researchers and stakeholders at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)...

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