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Master’s project: Evaluating the spatial connectivity of fields und agri-environmental schemes

by Meike Will

By Marlene Rimmert

As part of my Master’s degree in Environmental Systems Science at the University of Osnabrück, I did a so-called Master’s project in the POLISES group during my last semester. The aim of such a project is...

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Looking for a thesis topic?

by David

We have two new thesis calls and one student job offer out...

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Modelling Poverty Traps

by David

By Filipp Grcondciel

Choosing a specific research direction is not an easy choice. Especially in small universities, such as the Halle-Wittenberg university, only few advanced lectures are...

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PhD Position for a Modeler

by David

We are excited to announce a new 3-year PhD position opening up at our department. Birgit's new DFG-funded project looks at the social and ecological effects of microinsurance. You'll find the...

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Write Your Thesis Here

by David

Still looking for a topic for your Masters' or Diploma thesis? We may have got something for you...

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